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An Interview With Decoy!

Today I had the opportunity to interview the greatest rock band of our time, Decoy! Everyone knows these guys have a crazy lifestyle and their good looks land them in a heap of trouble but I want to find out more from these cheeky rockers. Keep reading to find out the answers to my questions that I have been dying to know, along with many other women. Find out if the men have secret women in their lives and read about the two gorgeous women in Rhys and Jax's lives who you have all named The Degirls!

Hi guys! How are you?

MAX: Better now I've seen you

Always the charmer Max.

MAX: (Laughs) You know me well.

So question number one, how does it feel to have your life all over the media?

JAX: It doesn't make it very easy.
RHYS: But we knew that before the paps started following us.
LEO: Yeah, we knew what we was getting ourselves into.
MAX: It's part of the package.

The paparazzi do love to follow you and I know that you like to keep your private lives as private as possible. Is that hard to do? To keep your public profile and your private life separate?

RHYS: It can be, it was really hard in the beginning but I think we've finally got the hang of it.
MAX: At first we were just buzzing because we had finally made it. Leo didn't care where he put it.
LEO:  I think you will find that Max and Jax were the bad ones, gave us all kind of bad press.
JAX: You loved the attention Leo, if it wasn't for the bad press then you wouldn't have your play boy drummer title.
LEO: It's better than Max's kinky guitarist label.

How much of what's in the press is true? Is it all bad?

JAX: It's 50/50. Sometimes the lies can come from a little truth. They just want to make as much money as they can so they make a boring story more interesting.
LEO: Some of the earlier stuff wasn't all lies though!
MAX: Yeah like Jax's pictures stumbling out the clubs!
JAX: Ha! Like you were innocent!
RHYS: Lets not forget Max's home photos.
MAX: Oi! I didn't know she had taken those pictures. You might be the good boy now Rhys but before Sophie caught you, you were just as bad.
DECOY: (Laughing)

How does it feel when you read about the lies and people believe them?

MAX: If they wanna believe it, let them.
JAX: We can't really do anything about it. They choose what they want to believe.
RHYS: Our true fans know what we're really like.

Does your career effect your private lives with your families and relationships? How did you find it Rhys?

RHYS: Well when I met Sophie, our lives were starting to get a little crazy. So she decided to keep herself hidden from the pubic. It was hard to spend time together but I can understand why she did it.
LEO: She just didn't want to be seen with your ugly mug. (Rhys smacks Leo on the back of the head)
MAX: Everyone who is close to us understands what we do and what comes with it. I don't know about relationships but it doesn't effect my families life very much.
JAX: It can effect Finley a little. If he wants to go out to a friends or his school is planning a trip we have to be extra safe and if we want to have a family day out, we have to be prepared for paps to be there but Finley actually loves the cameras.
RHYS: Yeah the little dude thinks it cool when he sees pictures of himself.

Is it hard now for you to find a girl who isn't interested in you because you are in a famous rock band?

RHYS: It can be but I knew as soon as I met Sophie that she wasn't like that. She doesn't even like our music.
MAX: Nearly every girl we meet is there because she's at a gig or a she knows where we are. It's rare that we spend time with women who aren't there because of the band in the first place.
JAX: It is hard. You can never really know but I just hope Max and Leo are lucky like Rhys and I. I met Kendal before we were even signed, before the paparazzi so I know I'm safe. (laughs)
LEO: I'm gonna be fine, don't you worry. I know an honest girl when I see one.
MAX: I'm not going to worry about that for a while yet. Too early for me.

How do you cope with your fans?

MAX: (Laughs) They can be a handful sometimes.
JAX: We have the craziest fans out there.
LEO: But we wouldn't change them.
RHYS: We love them too much.
JAX: We wouldn't be here without them.

What would a girl have to do to get you to notice her? whats your type? Seeing as Max and Leo are the only single ones, I'll let you two answer this one.

LEO: Just to be herself. There's nothing worse than a girl who's faking everything just to be with you.
MAX: Can you remember that girl last year?
LEO: Don't remind me.
MAX: HA! This girl pretended to live in the same apartment building, love everything Leo did and acted like she had no idea who he was.
JAX: She turned out to be his biggest stalker, followed him everywhere and we found out she travelled with some other groupies to every gig we did that year.
MAX: I have a thing for red heads and brunettes. Olive skin, green eyes, gorgeous figure and knows how to have a laugh.
RHYS: He's not picky at all.
DECOY: (laughing)

If you wasn't in Decoy, what would you be doing instead?

JAX: Probably just a regular job but I would perform locally because I couldn't stop myself from playing.
RHYS: I'd be the same, I would still have to play some way or another.
MAX: I would be with some other band, I'm made to be loved on stage.
LEO: As much as he just sound like a douche, I would say the same.
JAX: (laughing) wow, very loyal.

If you had the chance to go back in time, what would you do differently?

RHYS: When I first met Sophie, I ignored my feelings for a while. If I could do it over, I would have made Sophie mine sooner.
MAX: Well I don't have anything sweet like that, but I suppose I wouldn't have gotten as drunk as I did at the beginning of our career. I don't really remember a lot to be honest.
JAX: That's easy for me. I wouldn't have let Kendal slip away from me, we wouldn't have been apart.
LEO: Yeah, mine's pretty simple, I wouldn't have let her walk away from me.

Is there a woman in your life Leo?

LEO: There's a woman yeah, it's complicated that's all I'm going to say.

How did you all meet?

RHYS: I met Jax in school.
JAX: Yeah, well not exactly. We went to the same school but we only met when I decided to take up guitar lessons. That's where I met Rhys, his uncle was the teacher.
LEO: I joined the class a year later, I didn't really talk to them at first. It wasn't until they said they wanted to start a band and needed a drummer that I spoke to them. I already knew how to play the drums, I was just there to learn something extra.
JAX: I went with Rhys to Leo's to see what he was like on the drums and that's where we met Max.
MAX: Yep, I put them to shame with my guitar skills. They begged me to join the band.
RHYS: More like you tagged along and invited yourself. (laughing)

Who gets the most girls?

MAX: Me obviously.
LEO: HA! You wish!
RHYS: I think it's always been Jax.
JAX: Naw, we get an even share.
LEO: Jax just gets a little extra on top. The girls love him to sing to them!
JAX: There's only one woman for me.
MAX: That's why it's now me! Come over to Max girls!

Who would you name the bands flirt? The bad boy? The pretty boy and the good boy?

MAX: I'm all of them apart from the good boy, that's Rhys.
JAX:  No, you're just the flirt, but you're right about Rhys being the good boy.
LEO:  Yeah, Rhys is the responsible one. He didn't used to be though, before Sophie he was worse than Max!
RHYS: I wasn't that bad. I don't know if Max would be the bad boy or flirt. He's bad for the flirting but he gets himself into trouble with it.
MAX: I'd say Jax is the pretty boy, now he has Kendal he's not the bad boy any more.
JAX: Bad boy?
LEO: Yeah! Always in the mags pictured coming out clubs and there was your fighting pictures!
RHYS: So I'm the good boy, Max is the bad boy and Jax is the pretty boy, that makes Leo the flirt.
MAX: Sounds about right.
LEO: Everyone knows I love women! Why can't I have a little flirt.
RHYS: And you wonder why she doesn't talk to you.
MAX: OH! He has you there! HAHAHA!

Tell us something we don't know about you.

LEO: I have a tattoo for a girl.

Woh! Wait! Where and what is this tattoo?

LEO: All I'm saying is it's for the girl I spoke about before.
RHYS: I hate marshmallows

OK, is that a phobia?

RHYS: (laughs) No, I just hate them
MAX: I've never fallen in love.

What? That's so sad! 

MAX: Not really, I've just not met the right girl yet.
JAX: Kendal and I are getting married.

WHAT! Jax why didn't you say before! When and how did this happen?

JAX: It was private, just Kendal and me. It was about two months ago but I thought I should reveal it today. Better coming from me than gossip.

Have you chosen a date for the big day yet?

JAX: Yes but I can't say.

How was your wedding Rhys?

RHYS: Great thanks. Everyone was there, it was a hot day, yeah it was amazing.

How was Sophie?

RHYS: She looked beautiful.

Did you cry?

JAX: I think everyone was emotional.

I heard that was why you and Kendal reconnected, because of the wedding. Is that true?

JAX: A little yeah. Kendal knew Rhys because we was together for two years before the band was even signed. So it was obvious she was coming. I obviously saw her every now and then because of our son but spending an entire day together at the wedding kind of brought us closer again.

Everyone was shocked when we saw that first picture of you together.

JAX: Yeah well, I did want to keep her and Finley quiet and safe from the paparazzi but I guess when I want to spend more time with them, that's not going to happen.

I have to add a congratulations to you Rhys on the news of your's and Sophie's pregnancy.

RHYS: Thank you. We're really happy.

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

RHYS: Honestly I'm not bothered. All I want is for the baby to be healthy, Sophie's the same. We want it to be a surprise. Anyway mine and Sophie's baby isn't the only little Decoy baby on the way.

WHAT! You guys are all hiding secrets from us all! Who is also going to be a daddy?

MAX: Don't look at me!
JAX: That would be me and Rhys, you know Kendal is going to kill you right?
RHYS: No she won't, she loves me too much.

JAX! You and Kendal are expecting another baby? Congratulations! How far along is she?

JAX: Thank you, she's only a couple of months along. She actually surprised me after I proposed.

Really? How sweet! Do you think the same as Rhys on the sex?

JAX: Absolutely, but I'm terrified of having a girl. All that fighting off boys gives me a headache already.

Max and Leo, how do you feel about Jax and Rhys both becoming dads now? Are you going to be involved and how do you get along with Kendal and Sophie?

LEO: It's awesome! I can't wait to be an uncle again, Finley is a great kid so I can't wait to meet two more. I love the girls, Kendal is a great mum and I know Sophie will be too.
MAX: Yeah, it's great being an uncle so I can't wait. Kendal and Sophie are like my sisters, along with the rest of the girls. Anyone hurts them they have us to answer to.

The other girls? Kendal and Sophie's friends?

MAX: Yeah. Maisy, Jessica and Tanya.
LEO: Whenever you see one of them there's another right behind.

How are the girls coping with everything?

JAX: Kendal's doing great. She thinks the attention is a little weird though.
RHYS: Yeah, now Sophie has the girls, she's a lot better. I think they're starting to get more attention than us!

Is it easier now that Sophie doesn't hide herself any more?

RHYS: A lot easier yes. I don't blame her though for wanting to keep hidden. She was able to have a normal life because nobody knew who she was. Then she met Kendal and the girls and she seems to not mind any more. I think Kendal being here now, makes it easier for her and I'm glad.

And Jax, how does Finley react?

JAX: He loves it! I was a little worried about him at first but he soaks it up. He loves having his picture taken and thinks it's cool when he see's himself in the papers or magazines.
MAX: The little dudes a pro. When I took him out last weekend some girls were shouting his name, he just grinned and waved just like Jax.
LEO: Kendal was right to name him rock star

Would you do a song with someone like Justin Bieber? Or maybe a female artist?

MAX: HA! Justin Bieber?! No no way.
RHYS: He's a talented guy but he wouldn't suit out music.
LEO: Plus I'm pretty sure our fans can't stand the guy.
JAX: Not Justin but we have been in talks with Ellie Goulding.

A song with Ellie Goulding? WOW. The next question is, are you going on tour again?

LEO: Yes, but not until next year.
JAX: First the new album and then the tour.
RHYS: But we are doing some performances before that.

How did you and Kendal meet Jax?

JAX: We met when we were 18 at a house party. We were hired as the band and Kendal had bright red hair then so I noticed her as soon as she walked in and never took my eyes off her.
MAX: Gag!
LEO: I can remember we ruined a pretty romantic moment when we came out into the garden!

Do Leo and Max fancy Sophie and Kendal?

DECOY: (laughing)
MAX: No they're like my sisters. Very pretty sisters though.
LEO:  They are both gorgeous but no, I see them as family.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

LEO: Max
JAX: Max
MAX: Jax

Who has the most tattoos and would you ever get a girls name tattooed?

RHYS: I only have a sleeve. I don't know who has the most out of them three.
MAX: I think we're all pretty even.
JAX: When ever I have a tattoo they get another.
LEO: No, I think you will find it's when I get a tattoo you two copy.
RHYS: You all do it. If one gets a new tat, you suddenly have to go and get a new one!
JAX: I'm getting Finley's name when the baby comes, so I can do them at the same time. I want Kendal's name but I don't think she would let me.
RHYS: I have mine and Sophie's wedding date.
LEO: I already have one, it's not her name. It's a quote, but I'm not going to say because it's for her.
MAX: No, I wouldn't get a girl's name. I might, but I can't see it happening.

Would Leo and Max want to get married?

LEO: Definitely
MAX: I don't know, maybe. What's with all these serious questions?

Do you think Finley would become a rock star like you Jax?

JAX: I don't know, he enjoys playing his guitar.
MAX: For sure he's gonna be a rocker!
LEO: Yeah I can see him in his own little band.
RHYS: Maybe our kids will form their own band.
LEO: That would be awesome!
JAX: They might be girls.
MAX: Hell no, I can't have a girl.
RHYS: The girls can still be rockers.
LEO: I don't wana think about having a daughter. It's making my head hurt just thinking about it.
JAX: That's what I'm scared of. With Kendal as my daughters mother, I'm going to be warning guys off every where we go!
MAX: Not with uncle Max around. Nobody is getting near my little niece.

And the last question for today. Do you like your groupies?

MAX: Erm easy answer. Yes.
JAX: We love all our fans.
RHYS: We just like some privacy from time to time.
LEO: They're fun, our fans are the best.


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