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Rockstar's Angel Prologue Unedited

So I promised you all the prologue to my newest instalment from my Decoy series Rockstar's Angel. It will be Tanya and Leo's story but you will also hear a little from Kendal and Jax because I know you love them as much as I do. So here it is and I hope you like it! Oh and by the way it hasn't been edited or proof read. It's literally straight from my brain so if there's any errors I apologize but they wont be there in the final edit. I just wanted to share this with you badly :D



   As soon as Kendal had taken me backstage to her boyfriends bands show and I met the gorgeous drummer Leo, I knew I was in for trouble. I knew out of the four men in the dressing room Leo was the drummer. The other guys were toned and lean with a little muscle but Leo had an upper body that had me melting on the inside. His leather trousers and black tight shirt molded every delicious muscle on his arms and chest. He had dirty dark blonde hair that looked an organized mess but was sexy as hell and the brightest blue eyes that made him look young and playful.

   Instead of nodding their hello's when they saw me, Leo came straight up to me and swallowed me in a tight embrace. "Welcome to the group angel."

   I frowned against his hard chest. "Angel?"

   He pulled me back so he could look me right in the eye. "Yeah, beautiful girl like you with hair so blonde, you look like an angel."

   He walked away like he hadn't just given me one of the best compliments a guy has ever said to me. Leaving me at the backstage door gawping at his back as he walked his way to the stage. Kendal suddenly stood in my line of view, arms folded and shaking her head. "Be careful."

   I shook my head, getting rid of the naked fantasy I was envisioning. "Huh?"

   Kendal laughed at me. "I love the guy like he's my brother but he's a player Tan. Be careful."

   But she didn't understand. It was too late, I was already lusting after the playboy drummer and after watching him on stage as he pounded those drums it only got worse. I was definitely in trouble.

   Five months later, I often fantasized about the big armed Leo pinning me down in secret. I couldn't let anyone know how unhealthy my obsession had gotten for him. I would watch him while he banged his drums on stage and then run into the filthy little arms of his groupies. I hated those girls but when they held all of Leo's attention as he walked off with them I wanted to be them, just so I could have Leo look at me like he did them. He flirted with me most of the time but so did the other guys, apart from Jax of course. If I didn't love Kendal so much I would be all up in Jax's shit but the man I was crazy in lust with was walking towards the backstage area with a dark haired beauty who was way too skinny and was barely clothed. I was sick of watching this shit. As usual I walked up to a good looking guy to get my mind of what Leo would be doing with the skank and gave him all of my attention. A few times I saw Leo notice me once he was back in the main area and I thought that he would look angry or annoyed but I knew that was just my wishful thinking.

   A couple of more months had passed by with more fantasizing. Tonight Kendal has planned a night out for us all. She loves it when we're all together and it's a hard task for her seeing as our guys hate Jax's guys. We went to a great club and I was dressed in one of my favourite short sparkly clubbing dresses. I was in a great mood and I didn't want to get myself in a bad one by watching Leo pay his attention on a girl who wasn't me. So I got drunk and started dancing with a very sexy man, I was having a good time until someone stepped in.


   I couldn't just stand here and watch Tanya dance with some wannabe, she was worth more than that. She deserved better than me but that didn't mean I wasn't going to stop from this happening. Everyone else was way too drunk to notice me stalk in Tanya's direction. Fucking hell she looked gorgeous tonight. She always looks good but I'm struggling to control myself tonight. Usually I drown myself in worthless groupies to make sure I don't approach Tanya and fuck everything up. She's Kendal's best friend and if I hurt Tanya, I would hurt Kendal too. Not that I want to hurt Tanya, she deserves the best and that sure as fuck isn't me. But for tonight I can't help myself so I interrupt. "You mind if I dance with my girl?"

   Calling Tanya my girl felt more good than it should have. I want her to be my girl, lay her down in my bed and claim her as she screams my name. The man she is dancing with immediately stops and steps away from Tanya. It feels better than it should to not see his filthy hands on her body. Fucking little pussy walks away without saying a word. I look back down at Tanya and see she has her nose wrinkled up as she watches the man she was dancing with talking to another girl. Her voice is slightly slurred when she talks. "I'm so glad I didn't end up sleeping with that."

I stand where the pussy was standing before and hold onto her waist. "And why's that angel?"

"Weak men are a turn off." I hold myself from bursting out laughing. Tanya is adorable and I'm also so fucking glad she didn't sleep with the douche bag. The thought of her perfect creamy legs wrapped around his body had me raging with so much anger it scared me.


    Holy shit Leo is standing right in front of me with his large hands on my hips. I can understand why the weak excuse for a man had walked away without saying a single word. Who wouldn't feel intimidated by the sight of Leo after he cut in? He called me his girl! I had to stop myself from doing the happy girl dance in front of him and embarrassing myself.  "You wanna dance sweetheart?"

   For the rest of the night I danced in Leo's arms, my body was hyperaware where his hands were. By the feel of his hardness against my backside as I danced against him, I knew I was effecting him and I couldn't tell you how happy that made me. Leo grabbed tight onto my waist and turned me around to face him, before I could think his mouth was on mine. I quickly accepted and melted into him. Boy could he kiss good! I was quivering with need from his kiss and when he growled against my lips I nearly combusted right there.

   We managed to sneak away to his tiny little apartment that he shared with the band. As we walked through the door tangled in each other and practically eating each other's faces I couldn't believe I was finally here. The dancing back at the club along with months and months of build up were finally coming to this moment were my filthy fantasies would finally become a reality.

   Leo shut the door and pushed me against the wall of his small hallway and kissed me with more passion than I could handle.


   I don't know what it is about Tanya but she gets to me like no other girl ever has. When she started grinding her sexy little ass on the guy she was dancing with I put all rational thinking behind me because I had to have Tanya tonight. Enough of fucking waiting!

   I grab Tanya's legs and she wraps them around me as I walk into my room and kick the door shut behind me without leaving her soft lips. I gently lay her down on my bed and slowly begin to undress her. Which isn't long because all she has on is a little dress and I'm pleased to discover she only has a tiny thong on under it, no bra. Fucking yes! Tanya's body is truly amazing, I have to touch every single part of her body. I've been dying to touch her little curves ever since the first day I met her. I slowly pull down the thin straps that consist of her thong, planting soft kisses down her legs as I go. When they're off I can't stop, I kiss every inch of her skin. I don't know what exactly I'm doing, I've never wanted to treat a girl like this before. I want to treasure every part of her, her long shaped legs, her flawless stomach and I pay special attention to her perky breasts. Receiving moans from Tanya as I lick around her hard nipples. I trail my tongue down her body. When I get in between her legs she is already dripping with desire. I bring her to orgasm with my tongue twice before I let myself slide inside of her. "Fuuuuuk!" I moan as her walls tighten around me, accepting me. "Fucking hell baby, you feel amazing."

   I grind in and out, clenching my jaw tight because she feels unbelievable. Tanya feels so fucking tight I'm sure I'm going to explode any second. "Oh god Leo!"

   If Tanya doesn't stop moaning like that I'm scared that I will finish sooner than I want to. I've been thinking of how being inside her sweet body for months now, I want to savor it. The whole time Tanya clawed at me and screamed my name. She made my balls want to explode violently inside her. I wanted to make her climax at least one more time before I had mine. When I finally spent myself inside of her I had given her four orgasms in total. I'm not a vain man but I'd say that was a fan-fucking-tastic night. I look down at Tanya while she sleeps beside me. She truly does look like an angel. I know for sure that last night will not be the last time with Tanya, I want her all over again already.


   I wake up half lying across Leo's chest, I think back to last night. Fucking hell, Leo is a sex god! I've been with a few men in my twenty years but none of them made me feel like Leo did last night. Holy crap Leo is in a league all on his own. Only a few men have managed to bring me to orgasm before they finish but Leo did. He out did himself! Not only did he make me come before he did but he gave me four. Yeah you heard me, four orgasms! No wonder I fell into a soundless sleep in his arms. I peel myself away from Leo as a mixture of unsure feelings swirl around. Leo and I are friends, we share mutual friends so we spend a lot of time together. What will happen now? Do we tell our friends? I can't see us doing that so that leaves saying nothing and keeping quiet. Will it be back to normal with me and Leo or will it be painful and awkward? God I hope it's not going to be awkward between us. Not only do I have unsure feelings about Leo but he's a great friend and I don't want to loose that. I do know one thing for certain though. After last night I'm scared my lustful feelings for this man could be turning into something more which scares the ever living fuck out of me. I'm totally and utterly fucked. Leo doesn't strike me as a commitment type of guy, he won't want an honest relationship with me. This will only lead to one thing, me being hurt. Kendal was right, I should have been careful around Leo. I shouldn't have danced with him and I definitely shouldn't have come back to his place. I slowly sit up, wincing at the soreness between my legs. I quietly get dressed while Leo sleeps, I manage to do so without waking him but as I'm about to open his bedroom door and run out of this place I hear him say my name. I turn slowly and see he's looking at me in sleepy confusion. He's leaning up on his elbows, the sheet has fallen off his chest so I can see every delicious line of muscle. "Where you going babe?"

   His voice is husky from sleep and sounds sexy as hell, I try to tear my eyes away from his bulging muscles on his naked chest. But it's no use, I can't look away from a sight like that. I wouldn't be a man loving woman if I could. I swallow hard and gather the strength to not charge at him like a crazy woman and say what I need to. "I'm going home."

   Leo looks at the time. "Already?"

   "Look, I don't think we should tell anyone about this."

   He frowns at me and nods. "Fine."

   "OK." I leave feeling like shit. Leo didn't look pleased when I left but what was I supposed to do?

   Another couple of months pass by and I'm pleased to say that not much has changed in mine and Leo's friendship. He still openly flirts with me and there's no awkwardness, I thought he would hate me after the way I left his place but I'm so glad he doesn't. The only thing that has changed is the sneaky little gropes and touches Leo manages to get in when nobody is looking and the few nights we have spent together. I know I shouldn't be going back to him, I know I'm securing my own heartbreak but how could I turn down Leo when I now know how he is in bed? And I'm pleased to report that each night with Leo was as crazy passionate as the first time. The hurtful part is that Leo still acts like the playboy he is. We may have spent some explosive nights together but he still goes straight to the skanky groupies when he gets off the stage or even when we're out with our friends. I shouldn't let it get to me but I can't help it. My feelings are growing for him more each night we spend together. I get so angry towards him. How can he treat me like this and why am I fucking letting him? He's treating me like one of his fucking skanks but when he walks over to me and whispers into my ear, I forget my anger and I spend yet another night with him. I truly am in too deep where Leo is concerned.

   One night I go with Kendal to one of Decoy's local gigs. I love watching them play but I hate having to see the pathetic groupies. They literally beg the guys to fuck them. Jax gets it the worst and I don't know how Kendal copes with it. I hate having to watch girls swamp around Leo but he's not even with me which gives me no right to be jealous. But I am. I watch Leo as sweat drips off him as he pounds into the drums. His shirt clings to him and I feel every pound of the drum as he strikes his hand down hard. As I'm staring at him he looks straight up to me and winks. I can make out his tongue as he runs it along his bottom lip, it sends a fire inside of me. I know exactly what wonderful things that tongue of his can do. It was quick but I saw it and Leo knows that I saw his tongue. The screaming from the groupies bring me back to focus and I see Leo give a girl at the front of the stage a wink which pisses me off. Well if Leo can do it, why can't I?


   That was some awesome gig and the crowd was going wild. We're getting closer to making it, I can feel it. I walk out from backstage, after getting changed out of my sweaty clothes and the first thing I see is a wannabe goth dancing with Tanya. I want to be the one she dances with, I want to be touching that sweet little body of hers, not that fucker. Instead of stopping whatever is going to happen there I decide to go to the bar and try to ignore Tanya's body calling me. She's not my girl so why should I give a fuck what she does? It is bothering me though and an hour later when everyone else is too busy to notice I walk over to them in the corner. The goth has his hands all over Tanya, kissing her soft mouth and I see red. When I reach them I don't even think about what I'm doing, I yank him away from her ignoring her gasp of surprise. The goth glares at me until he realizes who I am. "Hey, cool set man." I ignore him and look to Tanya, fucking hell she's gorgeous. In this lighting her hair looks white. My angel. Tanya's eyes are wide as she looks from the goth and back to me. "Shit, this chick is your pussy tonight? I didn't know, sorry man."

   Before I can punch the guy in the face for referring to Tanya like that he fucks off, Tanya watches him go and then turns to look at me. Shit she looks angry. "Why are you always chasing men away from me Leo! You're a fucking dick!"

   I glide my fingers down her arm, forgetting her anger and lean in close. "I didn't want his hands on you angel. I want you tonight." I hear her gasp and I can't help but smile. "You know I make you feel good baby." I softly kiss up her neck. "Let me make you feel good."


   Leo's words send my body on fire, I badly crave him, I have to have him now. I nod my head and let Leo guide me towards the backstage area, forgetting that I was a little angry with him only seconds ago. As soon as we're inside the private dressing room he locks the door and stalks towards me. His look sends me weak and I have to lean back against the wall for support. Leo crashes his body against mine and growls in my ear. "Looking fucking sexy."

   I whimper and Leo takes that as his cue, smashing his lips against mine and taking complete control of my body. He takes what he wants and he gives me what I need. The loud music covers my screaming as I climax but Leo isn't finished with me yet. After I have recovered he bends me over a table that doesn't look sturdy enough to hold a flower pot never mind me but as soon as Leo slams back into me the table is long forgotten. I feel the burning need of my climax but then Leo quickly moves us over to a chair where I straddle him until we finish together. It was amazing and it would have ended on a good note but just an hour after having mind blowing orgasms with Leo again I watch as two groupies flirt with him. He laughs and the three of them leave together with their arms linked and Leo has a fucking big grin on his mother fucking face. I can't do this anymore. I am not sleeping with that dick ever again!

   Two weeks later I wake up in Leo's bed feeling like this is never going to end. How can I be so weak for this man? I hear footsteps and freeze on the bed. Shit, the guys are here. I shake Leo awake and whisper. "I need to get out of here."  I jump up and quickly get dressed. A knock on the front door stops me moving and I look to Leo. When Kendal's voice comes from outside Leo's bedroom door we both slowly walk closer so we can listen in. As we eavesdropped on my best friends conversation my heart broke for her. When Kendal leaves and we hear Jax slam his bedroom door Leo turns to me.

   "I can't believe she has left him."

   "I guess she has her reasons." Although I am shocked. Kendal loves Jax. Leo frowns at me.

   "I guess I won't have to tell Kendal about us anymore then." I was shocked. So because Jax and Kendal are not together now, whatever we had going is suddenly finished.

   I turn around and snatch my bag from his bed. "If that's how you feel."

   I push past him. "Tan, I didn't mean-"

   "I don't fucking care. I knew this was just sex to you."

   His eyes widen as he stands still. I slam the front door behind me. Fucking dick!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did you like it? Please let me know what you think! More sneak peaks in the new year

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  1. OMG!!!! Now I really can't wait for this book. I always wondered what the real issues were, now I can't wait to get both sides of the whole story. Thanks for the sneak peak!!