Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rockstar Daddy Release Date!

Hello everyone! Today I have my book release date and it is..........July 1st! Woohoo!
I cannot wait for you all to read it, I have loves writing it.

I also would like to tell you that I have a great designer for my ebook cover. Her name is Melody Simmons. She has a website listing everything she does with pictures of her work. Her prices are really good and I deffinetly recommend her. I will deffinelty being going back for my other ebooks. Below I have put links to her website and Twitter.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hi everyone! So here is Rockstar Daddy's blurb! Hope you all like it!

Kendal and Jax have been together for two years and they are very much in love. But when Kendal finds out she's pregnant at twenty she's torn about what to do. Jax is a young sexy man who is the lead singer of up and coming rock band Decoy. She knows if she tells him he will stand by her but she doesn't want him to forget his dreams but that means leaving Jax to be a single mother to there baby. Her strong feelings for Jax make her want him to live his dreams so she breaks both there hearts and leaves him. Now young, single and pregnant she has the help of her parents and her best friends.
The story starts four years later when best friends Kendal, Jessica, Tanya and Maisy make a new friend by the name of Sophie. They gladly invite her to there little group of friends and when she tells them she's getting married and she wants them to be her bridesmaid there thrilled. On the day of the wedding emotions are running high but when it turns out Kendal knows one of Sophies husbands best men everything changes.

Join Kendal and Jax as they try to deal with there broken hearts in there two very different worlds. Will they find eachother again and be together again? Or is a four year old secret by the name of Finley too much for Jax?

Find out by reading Rockstar Daddy on Amazon Kindle available July 1st for £2.50

Hope you like the sound off Rockstar Daddy, if you do please share this for me and help me get my book out there so more people can enjoy reading all about Kendal and Jax. I have already started on the second book and then when Kendal and Jax story has finished I will b writing about there friends too. Enjoy!