Saturday, 7 September 2013

Second teaser for Rockstar's Girl

"I need more Jax."

"Kendal I don't-"


Her voice sounds do dreamy and needy. I stand with my hands still around Kendal and she giggles. The sound is music to my fucking ears. I let her slide down my body and she takes my hand to lead me up the stairs. I'm a little uncomfortable when we walk by Finley's room. Kendal turns and rolls her eyes at me.

"Honestly Jax, do you think parents stop having sex when they have kids?"

She quietly laughs as she walks into her bedroom and sits on the edge of her bed. I can't have sex with her yet can I? This is Kendal and I want to take care of her. Not take advantage, but the way she's grinning at me and beckoning with her finger for me to come, it's hard for me to fight my urges. I step into her room and close the door. I stand in front of her and push her down so she's lying down. Her hair fans out over her bed. I lean over her with my hands either side of her head.

"I'm not having sex with you."

Her eyes widen.

"I'm not turning you down baby. I am going to make you come. But I won't be putting my dick into your pussy until you tell me that you love me."

I see she takes in a huge breath of air. Her eyes water a little so I give her a kiss. I'm fighting my fucking hardest to hold back, but I need to do this.

"I love you Kendal. Always have, I've never stopped loving you."

We stare at each other for a while and a tear runs down the side of Kendal's face. I wipe it away with my thumb but when I take my hand away she catches hold of me. She doesn't take her eyes away from me when she kisses my palm. Kendal reaches up and pulls me down on top of her.

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